Suisun Valley Cleaver


a Labrado Forge exclusive

The Suisun Valley Cleaver is a true farm-to-table tool of culinary art. They are hand forged from high carbon steel sourced from retired tractor plow discs. The handles are sourced from 100+ year-old walnut trees from the Glashoff ranch in the beautiful Suisun Valley, which has a rich agricultural history pre-dating the gold rush era.

Each cleaver is similar but as they are hand-made, each is unique from the characteristics of the walnut handles to the hand texturing on the blade cheeks to slight differences in weight and dimension of the overall knives. They come in two basic sizes and are usually made to order.



12-12 ½” overall with a 6- 6 ½” blade

3/16” - ¼” thickness at the spine

weight: about 2 lbs


14”-15” overall length with blade length of about 7”-8”

3/16”- ¼” thickness at the spine

weight: 2 ½  to 3 lbs