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Where can I meet you to have my knives sharpened?

o  We sharpen on site at several Farmers’ Markets in the North Bay, East Bay and Sacramento area. We also sharpen at several drop off locations on a regular basis. Click Here to get on our text messaging list for weekly sharpening updates and occasional special events. 

How much does sharpening cost?

o  Before sharpening, we assess all items and perform any needed repairs.The short answer is the sharpening of standard knives (non-serrated) costs $1.25 per inch with a minimum cost of $7.50 per knife. Serrated knives are $1.75 per inch with a $10.50 per knife minimum. Some Japanese knives cost more. Click here for a price list that covers many, but not all, of the items that we sharpen.

How do you sharpen?

o  We use the Perfect Edge Sharpening System. The Perfect Edge System is the ultimate sharpening system for high volume, high performance sharpening of knives and culinary tools. Click Here to watch a short video that highlights the Perfect Edge Sharpening System.

Do you make house calls?

o  Yes. There is a minimum charge of $150 up front. We offer sharpening block parties for neighborhoods to meet the minimum charge easier. Gather your friends and family to make an occasion out of it. Visit our Sharpening Block Party page for more details. 

How often should I sharpen my knives?

o  This is a very common question and the answer depends on a few factors: First of all, there are four factors that affect knife performance: 1) The quality of the knife; 2) How it is used; 3) How it is maintained; and 4) How it is sharpened. A knife need not be expensive to be a quality knife. Always use a wooden or plastic cutting board for your cutting surface. Regularly maintain your cutting edge with a honing or dressing rod (steel or ceramic rod). Following these last two steps will ensure that your knives stay sharper longer. When your knives no longer perform well after correct honing or dressing rod maintenance, it is time to sharpen.

How do you sharpen serrated knives?

o  In sharpening serrated knives, we re-cut the serrations with a diamond wheel which is how they are originally manufactured. We have special wheels for most serrations and can re-serrate steak knives and most Cutco knives.

Do you sharpen hunting knives?

o  Hunting knives, camp knives, pocket knives, machetes. If it has a blade, we can sharpen it with very few exceptions.

Do you sharpen tools?

o  Yes, we can sharpen a range of tools such as all types of garden shears, pruners, loppers and choppers, scissors, chisels, axes, mauls, shovels, leather craft and wood working tools. I am always happy to discuss and evaluate tools that were not listed here or on my price list so please contact me with questions.

Do you sharpen ceramic knives?

o  Yes. We can repair and sharpen most ceramic knives.

Do you sharpen saw blades?

o  No, we do not sharpen saw blades or chain saw blades. For saw blade sharpening, reach out to Sierra Saw. 530-666-5267 9 Harter Ave #B, Woodland, CA 95776

What is “Labrado”?

o  Labrado was my late father’s middle name and my great grandmother’s maiden name. I chose the name at my wife’s suggestion to honor their legacy. Coincidentally, Labrado's Spanish translation is for either a field that is cultivated or something that is hand-worked or hand-made. I think that it is a very fitting name for my business.

Is that an R or a 12 in your logo?

o  It is actually both. It is an R for my last name, Ramirez, and it is a numerical 12 to represent the fact that I am the 12th of my parent’s 15 children. The symbol has been my touch mark (a blacksmith’s signature) for the last 16 years. I place it on all my knives and on forged pieces, if space allows.

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